Why expats need unique support. Part 2: 9 factors that influence success

Why expats need unique support. Part 2: 9 factors that influence success

Clearly, being an expat who works overseas presents a multitude of opportunities, challenges and risks. And since any of these may be experienced at the individual, couple, family or organizational level, the risks need to be managed appropriately to ensure successful completion of the assignment.

9 factors that influence successful international assignment

We have identified 9 broad categories of factors that can contribute to or inhibit the successful completion of an international assignment. These categories are based on existing research regarding successful adaptation and resiliency traits and behaviours, and have been proven to be valid and reliable predictors of assignment success.…

Leading a Healthy Workplace: Part 3

Do you want healthy employees who are more productive, happy and full of energy? As a manager or leader, you not only set an example for your employees, but can also have a great impact on their behaviour.  Creating a healthy work environment starts from the top down. 

Most people don’t usually associate their workplace with good health. In fact, many would probably say their job is the source of many unhealthy habits including a lack of exercise and weight gain—especially as work hours increase and free time becomes more and more of a luxury.

In the final part of our “Leading a Healthy Workplace” series, we’ll tell you how you can help increase your team’s fitness and energy by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices at work, making it easier for them to reach their personal fitness goals.…