Substance Abuse in the Workplace 3: Unfit for Duty

Previously, we wrote about how to spot substance abuse in your workplace, and what steps you could take to get help for your afflicted employee, but what should you do in the worst case scenario? What should you do if an employee showed up to work under the influence?

If an employee is visibly intoxicated at work, that person is a safety risk to themselves and others. You must take action and remove the worker from the workplace. If you suspect an employee is under the influence and on the job, follow these steps:

  • Approach the employee and observe how they respond and behave.

Substance Abuse in the Workplace 2: Take Action, but Tread Lightly

In our last entry, we mentioned some warning signs to look for if you suspect that one of your employees has a substance abuse problem.

One sign or symptom isn’t usually reason enough to be concerned. But, if you start to notice a pattern, you need to address the problem. As a manager you’re responsible for the safety of your team and drug abuse can jeopardize everyone’s well-being. If you suspect that an employee has an addiction there are few steps you need to take. Be sure to:

Observe and record. 

Small and medium business owners aren’t expected to diagnose personal problems but rather ensure that their team performs well.…

Substance Abuse in the Workplace 1: Warning Signs to Watch For

Your once prized employee can’t seem to get into work on time, has questionable hygiene including bloodshot eyes, seems unbalanced on their feet and appears to have forgotten the meaning of deadlines. Their work is getting worse, they spend more time away from their desk with frequent trips outside the office and their personal cell phone always seems to be ringing.

You can’t prove it, but all the signs are there—you have major suspicions that your talented employee has a drug or alcohol problem. So as a small or medium business owner, how can you deal with the issue without making false accusations or violating workers’ rights?…