Seven Strategies to Resolve Workplace Conflict

In our last post we discussed the dangers of workplace conflict, as well as some ways conflict could occur at your company. In this post we will share seven strategies to combat workplace conflict and help you resolve the conflict in the best way for your company.

Encourage discussion. Meet with everyone involved and ask each person to summarize their point of view. To find a compromise, work backwards from common long-term goals. Sometimes everyone may agree to disagree which can actually be quite relieving. Just be sure to intervene if employees start to attack each.…

Employee Communication Part 2: 9 Steps to Turn Feedback into Action

In the old days, hanging a suggestion box in the lunch room was how companies gathered employee input. And while an idea box can still be an effective tool, it may not always generate the type of detailed information you need. It may also prevent you from targeting the conversation toward a certain issue or item of interest.

Ease the flow of information amongst your team, and turn the ideas of your employees into action by:

  1. Meeting regularly. Use regular staff meetings (i.e. weekly or monthly) to gather input on specific topics or issues.
  2. Going out.

Employee Communication Part 1: 10 Reasons to Encourage Employee Input

Your business succes depends entirely on the support and performance of  your employees. With staff playing a significant role in service, it’s undeniable that they’ll have opinions about their work, the organization, policies and procedures, and more.

In many workplaces, though, encouraging and implementing employee suggestions can fall by the wayside. And given the current economic situation, staff may be hesitant to speak up at a time when fresh ideas can be more crucial than ever.

Read on to discover ways to encourage feedback that boosts employee morale and can ultimately work to your team’s and organization’s advantage.…

Substance Abuse in the Workplace 2: Take Action, but Tread Lightly

In our last entry, we mentioned some warning signs to look for if you suspect that one of your employees has a substance abuse problem.

One sign or symptom isn’t usually reason enough to be concerned. But, if you start to notice a pattern, you need to address the problem. As a manager you’re responsible for the safety of your team and drug abuse can jeopardize everyone’s well-being. If you suspect that an employee has an addiction there are few steps you need to take. Be sure to:

Observe and record. 

Small and medium business owners aren’t expected to diagnose personal problems but rather ensure that their team performs well.…

How to Motivate Employees Part 3: Good Communication Skills

In Part Three of our How to Motivate Employees series, we’ll tell you how good communication skills will boost employee morale and productivity in your workplace. I’m sure you’ve felt frustrated by having to try to guess what someone is thinking about; nothing is more frustrating to your employees than having to guess what you expect from them. By making an effort to be communicative and clear about your small or medium business’ direction and vision, your employees can spend less time wondering what you want them to do and more time actually doing it!

Be sure that you follow these four rules for communicating well with your employees:


How to Motivate Employees Part 2: Clear Job Responsibilities

In Part One of our How to Motivate Employees series, we wrote about the importance of recognizing the hard work of your employees and creating good rewards programs to motivate and reward your employees. This week we’ll discuss how business leaders can reduce employee stress by assigning clear job responsibilities. Job clarity is one of the most important factors in a healthy work environment, and making sure that all of your employees feel as though they understand your vision and strategy will go a long way to reduce any pressure that they feel.

 1. Balancing the Workload

Employees of small and medium businesses are often asked to wear many different hats for the company.…