If you’ve been following our advice so far, your employees already know that you appreciate the job that they do for you; our final How to Motivate Employees article will help you make sure they know that their careers are important to you as well. It is important to understand your employees’ strengths and areas they want to develop, as well as personal goals they have for their professional development so you can provide them opportunities within their job to work towards these goals.
Help your employees’ development and support them by:

1. Considering Offering Courses

See if you can create funding for an employee to gain additional training through an outside institution. If your budget is limited or you need to scale back, there are ways that you can cut costs in this area and still have employees get the knowledge they need to stay competitive. Choose webinars (online seminars) instead of the more expensive option of sending employees to a conference in another city, or encourage self-directed learning.

2. Encouraging Job Shadowing

If an employee takes interest in a specific area, have the worker job shadow someone experienced in that area or ask him or her to join a project that involves this skill set. Making learning and development options known to your team and encouraging them to pursue their career goals can help members to stay encouraged, motivated and strengthen the skills of your team.

3. Providing Extra Support

Tap into additional help and refer employees to information and resources available through your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The Shepell•fgi EAP offers experienced career counsellors for your employees to contact for guidance, as well as career coaching resources. For employees wondering about retirement, specialist counsellors are available to discuss their retirement goals and create solutions to match them.

High employee morale can seem like an abstract and elusive concept, but it’s vital to the health and competitiveness your business, especially in this tough economic climate. It not only helps employees stay motivated but innovative—an important quality when they’re often being asked to accomplish more with fewer resources. In supporting your employees by celebrating their achievements, rewarding their hard work, and offering opportunities for growth and flexibility, you’ll help increase staff moral and improve your organization’s bottom line.