Transgenderism in the workplace

For transgendered employees, one of the most difficult decisions to make is transitioning in the workplace. When we speak of transgenderism, we are talking about a person whose gender identity or expression differs from conventional expectations of masculinity or femininity.

The number of trans employees is not large and is a topic that is rarely covered in the employee handbook. Often the transgender is left on their own to educate their colleagues and this can sometimes lead to dire consequences.

“I had more anxiety about transitioning at work than I did about any other area of my life because I had worked there for five years before transitioning, and people knew me as ‘she.’ Coming out at work for me meant transitioning pretty publicly, because all of the faculty and staff would know, and also all of the students.

Cross-cultural training is essential – five things you need to know

Cross-cultural training is essential – five things you need to knowCulture impacts everything we do, at work, and at home. While cultural values, beliefs, and norms are invisible, they fundamentally influence our behaviour – in many ways we do not realize!
With the growing diversity and mobility of today’s workforce, cross-cultural challenges and opportunities are present in every work environment; you no longer have to be an international organization to experience what have previously been deemed global challenges.

World Day of Cultural Diversity (May 21) provides us with a perfect opportunity to deepen our understanding of the influence of culture by uncovering five important basics that every business leader should know about cross-cultural competency and learning.…