Mental Health Part 2: Leaders Should Set the Tone

Gary walks into his boss’s office and lets his manager know he’s going through some tough times.  Gary just found out that his wife has been cheating and has moved out of the house away from his kids.  Over the next few days Gary’s depression and anxiety are overwhelming and he starts to openly discuss his thoughts of suicide with his manager.

Sound far-fetched?  It’s not: unfortunately cases like this happen every day.

If you have managed a lot of people for long enough, you probably have a few stories to tell yourself.  The question is: what did you do about the situation? 

Mental Health Part 1: Mental Health Can Affect Anyone

Presidents, Famous Actors and High-Paid Athletes Don’t Get a Hall Pass on Mental Illness

Trauma in the Workplace

President Abraham Lincoln gave the United States the Gettysburg Address— one of the best-known and most inspiring speeches of all times. Catherine Zeta-Jones is an exceptionally talented, accomplished and beautiful performer who can skillfully sing, dance and act. Wade Belak was a successful professional hockey player who appeared to have it all: a gorgeous wife and kids, lots of money, a great sense of humour and loyal teammates.

What do these people have in common apart from being famous? They all suffer or suffered from mental illness.…